Wholesale Registration

InterGem offers a trade only wholesale section at most shows.  Interested in registering as a wholesale buyer? Read more about the process below.


Registration FAQ

+ Who Can Register?

To register and enter the wholesale section at an InterGem Show you MUST:

  1. Be a licensed retailer, wholesaler or business owner.
  2. Have a physical copy of your Business Tax License, which includes your business tax ID number.

+ Why Should I Register?

By registering for the wholesale section in advance, you will be able to receive complimentary tickets to the show. Your name will also be added to our list of pre-registrants which makes your wait at the wholesale registration desk significantly shorter.

+ How Do I Register?


  1. Select the city you wish to register from the list below and complete the form.
  2. InterGem will verify your registration and place you on a list of pre-registered wholesale buyers.
  3. Bring the proper credentials to the show to complete your registration.


  1. Bring the proper credentials to the show.
  2. Go to the Wholesale Registration desk and complete the registration form in person.

_*Note: Pre-Registration is only available until 11:59 PM Wednesday (before the show.)

+ What Credentials Do I Need?

To enter our designated wholesale section, we must verify your registration at the show using the following credentials.

YOU MUST BRING TO THE SHOW: A copy of your state business license or permit; AND

  1. A business card with the store and buyer’s name imprinted; or
  2. A copy of a wholesale house permanent pass bearing the store and buyer’s name; or
  3. Company letterhead; or
  4. Purchase order or invoice signed by the buyer (or copy of this); or
  5. Payroll check stub, voucher, or list bearing the store and buyer's name.

+ What If I Don't Have The Proper Credentials?

Unfortunately, if you are not able to provide a copy of your state business license or permit, your submission will be rejected. Wholesale registration and our wholesale sections are meant for wholesale buyers, not for hobbiests or unlicensed businesses.

+ How Will I Receive Free Admission?

Once you've registered we will send you a complimentary pass to the show via email before the start of the show. To gain entrance to the show using the complimentary pass, you will also need to provide the proper credentials. Please review the "What Credentials Do I Need?" section above. If you are not able to provide these credentials, your registration will be voided and your complimentary pass will not be honored.

An email with your entry pass will be sent two weeks before the show, and then again one day before the show. If you register after the deadline, you will NOT receive a complimentary pass.


Wholesale Pre-Registration Forms

To pre-register, select the city you want to register for and complete the form. To enter the wholesale section, you must be and eligible business owner and you will need to bring the proper credentials outlined above to the show.





District Of Columbia








New Jersey

New York







Do You Still Have Questions About Registering As A Wholesale Buyer? Contact Us