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Founded in 1967, the International Gem & Jewelry Show (InterGem, Inc.) is proud to boast that we are America's longest running direct-to-consumer jewelry show. Producing over 60 shows in more than 35 major U.S. cities, InterGem is also the largest exhibition of gems, minerals and jewelry in the world. Visit a show near you to experience our unique marketplace. Imagine shopping from rows and rows of quality merchants vying for your business. This competitive atmosphere drives prices to rock-bottom levels.

Our marketplace has become an essential part of business for jewelry stores, jewelry maker's and jewelry lover's for half a century! Forget retail, shop directly from manufacturers, wholesalers & designers for the largest selection at the lowest possible prices. Find extraordinary one-of-a-kind jewelry creations, loose gemstones, beaded strands, pearls, watches, antique and estate jewelry, supplies, chains, charms, accessories and much more. From the truly rare and exquisite to everyday-fashionable pieces, there is always something for everyone.

Several of our shows have featured exhibits of special interest, such as jewelry displays of famous movie stars and well-known celebrities, among other interesting and unusual displays. Free jewelry cleaning and tips on proper maintenance and storage are provided at most shows.

Herbert Duke, Sr. shows his crown collection at an InterGem Jewelry Show in 1981.

InterGem's Story

In 1967, Herbert A. Duke, Sr., founded the first commercial gem and jewelry show to sell directly to the public and The International Gem & Jewelry (InterGem) Shows were created. InterGem has since become one of the nation's most loved jewelry shows. With more than 60 shows a year in major cities across the country, the InterGem shows have drawn crowds for over 50 years! We are proud to directly provide our attendees with the largest selection of jewelry and accessories at the lowest prices!

Since the first show, May of 1967 in Washington, D.C., the company has grown up to one hundred shows a year in major cities nationwide. Gem and jewelry enthusiasts, collectors and hobbyists are treated to a vast selection of fine and fun fashion jewelry, fiery gemstones, beads and crystals, pearls, estate jewelry, watches, accessories, and more. There are also findings including supplies to create jewelry.

Providing such a new concept for consumers to have direct access to wholesalers and experts in the gem and jewelry field was the idea of the late Herbert Arnold Duke Sr. and his wife, former model, Bettye Robinson. Herbert was an amateur gemologist., He was inspired by the gems he collected in Brazil while serving as a Naval Officer in the South Atlantic during World War II.

While working as the East Coast sales manager for M.C. Shrank, a lingerie business, Herbert was asked by a colleague if he could find an unusual jewelry accessory for one of her special customers. He asked his wife Bettye to produce something unique Bettye created “fried marbles” and called it “The Roxane Collection” after their young daughter. Bettye made the concept and the colorful sparkling “Roxane Collection”  an instant must have.

As sales grew, Herbert left the lingerie business. Bettye and Herbert and opened their own retail shop in Bethesda, Maryland, aptly named Treasure of the Pirates, which they operated until about 1980. In addition to gem and jewelry treasures for sale, they offered customers classes to learn stone cutting and jewelry making.  Herbert and Bettye decided to explore the gem and jewelry show business and incorporated the International Gem & Jewelry Show in 1966.

Herbert Duke, Sr. And His Wife Bettye Duke, Founders Of InterGem, Inc. Working At InterGem's Headquarters.

Sons, Arnold, Danny and daughter Roxane says The International Gem & Jewelry Show became a family affair. Arnold remembers, “In the early years of InterGem I would set up tables with my dad for the 20 or 30 vendors we had at our shows. And then in the store cutting stones and making jewelry” Arnold added, “to this day our company is on the road almost every week for shows in nearly three-dozen markets across the country.”

Roxane says his father was passionate and loved to share his love and knowledge of gems and jewelry with the public. “He wanted to create an environment where a customer could find special treasures from around the world all in one place.” Herbert and Bettye’s concept continues to attract large crowds who are eager to treasure hunt and find real bargains. Following in his father’s footsteps, Danny has a passion for rocks and minerals. He has an impressive collection.

Roxane said, “Jewelry is a personal thing that people like to see and touch, and compare side by side in one place. Arnold added, “which cannot be duplicated in quite the same way online Our shopping experience allows consumers to explore, compare, and learn from the experts in an environment that is diverse, interesting and inspiring.”,


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