Teacher Registration

  • Printed Passes: To receive free printed passes, you must register at least (2) two weeks before the start of the show. Any requests for mailed tickets after that time may be denied.

  • E-mail Passes: To receive free e-mail passes, you must register at least 24 hours before the start of the show. Requests for tickets during the show weekend will not be granted as our office is closed during the weekends and your message will not be viewed until the following business day.

For Teachers And Students

The International Gem & Jewelry (InterGem) Shows are the perfect place to find the materials you need to create jewelry, accessories, home decor, artworks and much more. InterGem produces exciting jewelry shows, where exhibitors sell their goods side-by-side in an open marketplace. We bring you a huge selection of exhibitors with merchandise ranging from jewelry to precious gemstones, beads and supplies to findings and minerals. Experience our lively marketplace for yourself!

+ Why Should I Register In Advance?

  • Receive complimentary passes to your show of choice when you register in advance.
  • Receive entry to the designated "Wholesale Section" of our shows.
  • Receive notifications and free passes for the next InterGem Show in your area.

+ Why InterGem Jewelry Shows?

Forget retail, shop directly from wholesalers, manufacturers, miners, designers and artisans when you visit an InterGem Show. Skip the middle man and find the largest selection of gems, beads, minerals, crystals, supplies and more at rock-bottom wholesale prices. Celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2017, the International Gem & Jewelry Show (InterGem, Inc.) is proud to boast that we are America's longest running direct-to-consumer jewelry show. With over 60 shows in more than 35 major U.S. cities, InterGem is also the largest exhibition of gems, minerals and jewelry in the world.

+ What Is The Registration Process?

To register, a teacher or school administrator must fill out the registration form above and send it to our headquarters. Qualifying schools/programs include jewelry design, gemology, metalsmithing, merchandising, art, sculpture, design, graphic design, interior design and any similar programs. We accept registration forms from any jewelry, art and design educational programs and classes. However, children under nine are not permitted to attend the show.

Once, it is determined that you qualify for school registration, you will receive a confirmation letter via email which you and your students can use to enter the designated "wholesale section."

Please note the free printed pass option requires that you register at least two weeks before the start of the show. If you register with less than two weeks before the show, please select the "Email Pass" option.

+ How Do I Register My School?

Registration is a simple process. Just click the "Teacher Registration Form" button at the top of this page and complete the form.

+ Why Was My Submission Form Rejected?

We verify every submission. If your form was rejected, most likely we were not able to validate your school or your school email address. Failure to provide required information will cause your submission to be voided. To ensure your submission is accepted as quickly as possible, please make sure to spell your full school name accurately and make sure to use a school supplied email ONLY. We will never send tickets to a personal email.

+ What If I Don't Have A School Email?

Failure to provide a verified school email address will cause your submission to be rejected automatically. If you are associated with a school as an employee or student, you should be assigned a school email address. Unfortunately, we do not allow attendees to register as a school unless this information is provided.

+ Can I Request Free Tickets During The Show Weekend?

Our headquarters, where we e-mail/mail tickets, is opened Monday-Friday from 8:30am-5:00pm (EST). Any calls or e-mails placed after our office closes for the weekend go unanswered until the next business day. There is no other way to register as a teacher, it must be done through our office during opening hours.