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Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle Answer Key

From The Pages Of The Spring 2018 Gems & JewelrySM Magazine (Pages 72-73)

  1. ONYX - A black colored variety of chalcedony.
  2. GARNET - The name describing several closely related minerals including Almandine, Andradite and Pyrope.
  3. AMETHYST - A popular purple and transparent gemstone.
  4. CORAL - A brightly colored organic gemstone made of living organisms found submerged in water.
  5. JADE - This “Imperial” stone is rumored to bring it’s owners good luck.
  6. ALEXANDRITE - A color changing chrysoberyl named after a Tzar.
  7. PERIDOT - A bright green gem variety of the mineral Olivine prized in Ancient Egypt.
  8. IOLITE - A unique pleochroic light show has sparked recent interest in this blue gemstone variety of the mineral cordierite.
  9. MALACHITE - A deep green, opaque gemstone with unique bands & rings.
  10. MORGANITE - A pinkish variety of beryl named after the financier and banker J.P. Morgan.
  11. QUARTZ - Amethyst and Citrine are the most popular varieties of this mineral found in abundance through-out the world.
  12. RHODOCHROSITE - From the mines of Argentina, this delicate gemstone is pretty in pink.
  13. RUBY - A popular red variety of corundum prized for its durability & strength.
  14. EMERALD - A rare and expensive green variety of Beryl.
  15. TANZANITE - This popular blue gemstone is only found in one region of one country in Eastern Africa.
  16. LARIMAR - The soft and delicate jewel of the Carribeans.
  17. TURQUOISE - Originating in ancient Persian and Native American cultures, this stone is the only one to have a color named after it.
  18. OPAL - A colorful and speckled gemstone that flashes iridescent colors depending on where light hits.
  19. SAPPHIRE - The most valuable blue gemstone in modern times from the Corundum family.
  20. DIAMOND - This gemstone is the hardest substance on earth.
  21. PEARL - An organic gemstone formed within the soft tissue layer of mollusks.
  22. AMBER - An organic gemstone of fossilized resin from ancient pine trees.
  23. TOPAZ - Named after a Red Sea Island and found through-out the world, this stone is often heat treated to change its color.

Spot The Difference Puzzle

Spot The Difference Answer Key

From The Pages Of The Spring 2018 Gems & JewelrySM Magazine (Page 79)