Exhibitor E-Mail Pass Request

For Exhibitor Use ONLY

To send customers a free pass via e-mail, exhibitors must request and use InterGem’s official printable pass. Passes created by exhibitors will not be accepted at the show.


  • Requests are only valid for exhibitors who have sent a contract for and have been accepted into the show they are requesting. If you do not meet these requirements, your submission will be voided and you will not receive passes for your customers.

  • Booth numbers can only be included on your pass if they have already been assigned. If you wish to include your booth number, do not send a request until it has been assigned.

  • Requests must be sent at least two weeks before the start of the show. Passes will not be sent if your request is received less than two weeks before the show.

  • Passes are not allowed to be distributed at the show or outside of the show venue. Violation of this policy can result in banishment from the shows.
  • Directions:

    Complete the form below. Your submission will be reviewed. If you’re request is valid, you will receive your passes within 5 business days. To be valid, the requestor must be an exhibitor with an accepted booth in the requested show(s).

    How To Include Your Booth Number:

    If you would like your booth number included on your passes, enter “Use my booth number” in the Line 2 field in the forms below. We will enter your booth numbers on your behalf. Only applicable to shows with booth numbers CURRENTLY assigned. Shows that have not been assigned a booth number will be voided from your order if the “Use my booth number” phrase is used.

    Fall 2019 Exhibitor E-Mail Pass Request Form

    Contact Name *
    Contact Name
    Select Fall 2019 Shows *
    Select shows you want an e-mail pass for. Only shows that you have already applied and been accepted into will be valid.
    Exhibitor Description Section
    You will have three (3) lines of text to identify your company on the printable pass. Please enter the text as it should appear.
    Maximum of 50 characters including spaces.
    Maximum of 50 characters including spaces. Note: Booth numbers can only be included if they have already been assigned. To include booth numbers for multiple shows, write "Use my booth number" in the field below. If you wish to include your booth number(s), wait until they have been assigned before you send your request.
    Maximum of 50 characters including spaces.
    Agreement Section
    Submission Agreement *
    I promise I will not distribute this pass at the show(s), on the venue(s) premise(s), or a short distance outside of the venue(s) premise(s). I understand that if I violate this policy, I can be removed from the show and lose all my future contracts. I understand that I will only receive passes to the shows I've been accepted into. I also understand that InterGem does not place pass requests on hold. If my submission is rejected or partially rejected, I will need to send a new submission once I meet the requirements. I know that if my request is sent with less than two weeks before the show, I will not receive my passes.