What are the different types of shows that Intergem hosts?

International Gem & Jewelry Show [InterGem]

InterGem shows have two different sections, retail and wholesale. The Wholesale section is not open to the public and customers must show a copy of their tax id and a business card to enter. The retail section is open to the public. As an exhibitor you need to decide what section you want to be placed in. There are a few shows where there is only retail. See below.

My Favorite Bead Show

My Favorite Bead show is a retail only show where an exhibitor must sell 90% beads or bead related items. The show has two categories of booths. There are artisan booths* and regular manufactured merchandise booth. Bead Shows are held in Santa Monica, CA, and San Mateo, CA.

*To purchase an artisan booth you are required to certify your merchandise is not commercially manufactured but uniquely handcrafted. These spaces will be juried and require sending four photographs with your application. Three photographs of your merchandise and one of your booth. An exhibitor has a choice of a 6’ or an 8’ artisan booth.

A regular manufactured booth is given to exhibitors who want to sell manufactured merchandise. A single license premise is 10’ x 6’ and a double license premise is 20’ x 6’.

Great American Show [G.A.]

The G.A. Show is  retail only  and exhibitors can sell any types of items that are gem and jewelry based. The two cities where G.A. shows are held are St. Paul, MN and Denver, CO (September only).

What is a renewable deposit, and when do I need one?

A renewable deposit (RD) of $1,000 is required if you are applying for more than one show. The RD stays on account with us for the life of our business relationship. When you get accepted to your first show, we will deposit the RD. Having the RD on account allows you to apply to as many shows as you like without paying for each one at the time of your application. Once you are approved for the show you can pay* for the booth when you get to the show (not including extras).

If you just plan on doing one show a season and don’t want to have a RD on file with us, then you must send us a completed credit card form or a check for the full price of the booth which will only be deposited after you are accepted for that show.

If for any reason you would like your RD returned, you must submit a refund request, in writing, asking for the return of your deposit. If you are actively participating in the shows your RD will not be returned until those shows have passed. Your deposit will not be credited toward your last show.

*You can pay the advance price seven days prior to the first day of the show or the standard price at the show. See price list on website.

What are the different types of booth spaces?

All exhibitor booths regardless of size are provided with 2 chairs, table skirt, table covers and a back drape. Bead shows do not get back drape unless supplies are available.

The Int’l Gem & Jewelry Show and the Great American Show

  • 10’ x 6’ – Exhibitor gets 3 – 6’ tables, 1 - 4’ table and 500 watts of electricity
  • 11’ x 6’ – This booth size is only available to exhibitors that are using 4 table top cases (your own) across the front (same tables, and electricity as a 10’ booth)
  • 14’ x 6’ – Exhibitor gets 4 – 6’ tables, 1 – 4’ table and 750 watts of electricity
  • 15’ x 6’ – Exhibitor gets 1 - 6’ table and 2- 4’ tables. (This booth size is only available to exhibitors renting 3 – 5’ showcases across the front)
  • 20’ x 6’ – Exhibitor gets 2 – 6’ tables, 3 – 8’ tables and 1000 watts of electricity

My Favorite Bead Show booth Spaces

*Artisan booths can’t have any extras added on

  • 6’Artisan Booth – 1 – 6’table, and 1 – 4’table and 500 watts of electricity
  • 8’Artisan Booth – 1 – 8’table, and 1 – 4’table and 500 watts of electricity
  • Single License Premise (10’ x 6’) Double License Premise (20’ x 6’)

What are Extras?

Extras are any supplies that an exhibitor needs in addition to what already comes with a standard booth. This includes showcases, tables, pole sets, pegboards and additional electricity. All extras need to be ordered and paid for 30 days before the first day of the show. If you don’t preorder and prepay for your extras, a 50% surcharge will be added at the show.


Exhibitors can rent a full-view or half-view showcases. A full-view showcase has 3 levels and a half-view showcase has 2 levels with a compartment underneath for storage. All showcases come with lights. All are 5’ long by 18” wide by 36” tall


An exhibitor can rent a 4’, 6’ or 8’ table. All tables measure 18”wide and stand 30” tall.


An exhibitor can order a pegboard. Pegboards measure 4’ x 8”. The bottom edge of the pegboard stands 30” tall. This is for the board only - no pegs are included.


An exhibitor must pre-order extra electricity. You cannot add extra electricity at the show. If your booth exceeds your electricity order, additional charges will be assessed.

How do I fill out a show contract?

  1. Wholesale or Retail and Size of Booth: If the contract is for an InterGem Show on the top right hand corner there will be two boxes to choose wholesale or retail. On the left hand side you need to circle what size booth you would like. If the contract is for a (G.A) or a My Favorite! Bead Show in the top right hand corner the box will say retail only. On the left hand side you need to circle what size booth you would like. If you do not indicate the booth size and the section you would like to be in, we will not be able to process your application.
  2. Company Information: Please print the applicant’s complete business name, signature and business title, telephone, fax and email, type of merchandise you sell, applicant’s SSN and the state’s tax id number if you already have one.
  3. Extra Supplies can be ordered at the top of the contract in the appropriate boxes.

What Forms do I need to fill out as a new exhibitor?

Exhibitor Information Form:

adds your company to our database.

Credit Card Authorization Form:

needs to be filled out for a Renewable Deposit of $1,000, or for the booth fees.


You need to fill out a separate contract for each show date. Please make sure you indicate on the contract whether you want a booth in retail or wholesale (upper right hand side of the contract) and what size booth you want. If you apply for the retail section, a copy of your state’s tax id number must also be sent in with the application.

You can fax your application to 301-294-0034 or scan it and email it to info@intergem.net If you prefer to send through the mail, please send to:

120 Derwood Circle
Rockville, MD 20850

You may also fill out the pdf online, save it and email it to info@intergem.net.

I have sent my application in, what is my next step?

Once you send in your application it is not a guarantee that you have a space. Please make sure that you are accepted for a show before you make your travel arrangements. You can call our office at 301-294-1640, email us at info@intergem.net or check the website to find out the status of your application. If we do have space for a show that you applied to, we will automatically approve you for that show and send you confirmation by mail. If the show you applied for is full you will be placed on the waiting list. We will not notify you if you are placed on the waiting list, you must contact our office.

Tax Information for Intergem Shows

Each state has different tax regulations.These regulations are listed on the upper left-hand side of each contract. Please make sure you get approved for a show first before you apply for any tax license information with that state.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to have all the necessary tax paperwork completed before the show!

When do I find out my Booth Number for a show?

Typically booth numbers are finalized two weeks before the show date. You can call or email our office to find out the booth number for a specific show. You can also find your booth number on our website – just go to the show page and look up the participating exhibitors.

What does it mean if I am placed on the waiting list for a show?

An exhibitor gets placed on a waiting list for many different reasons. One possibility is the show is booked and we simply do not have any more booth space available. These particular shows are consistently full: Santa Monica, San Mateo, Marlborough, and Chantilly. Another reason is that we may not have the specific booth size you are asking for. You may want a 20’ and we only have a 10’ available.

The main reason applications are placed on the wait list is that there is no RD and/or no payment. Contracts with no payment are automatically placed on the wait list until payment is received.


What are the show hours?

International Gem and Jewelry Shows & Great American and My Favorite! Bead Shows

The show hours are Friday Noon to 6:00 pm; Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; Sunday 11:00am – 5:00pm.

Denver Wholesale Show at the Merchandise Mart in September

The show hours are Thursday 12:00 am – 7:00 pm, Friday Noon to 6:00m, Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00m and Sunday 11:00m – 5:00m.

*The one exception to these hours is: Southfield, MI show in March is always a two day show.

The hours are Saturday 10:00m – 7:00 pm; Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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