Advertising for You

How We're Advertising For You



New radio ads have been implemented since the Chantilly show and will be put into the marketing mix to promote future shows across major metro markets.

Sample Radio AD

"This traffic report is brought to you by THE INTERNATIONAL GEM & JEWELRY SHOW.  Shop the best Gem & Jewelry show in the San Mateo this Friday through Sunday at the San Mateo County County Event Center.  Over 300 Jewelry Booths with the highest quality and best selection at the lowest prices. The INTERNATIONAL GEM & JEWELRY SHOW this weekend only at the San Mateo County Event Center.  Visit for more details."

Online Ticketing

Starting with the Fall season you will notice we now offer tickets online through Ticket Derby. These tickets are sold at the discounted price of $6.00. Any exhibitor who wishes to sell tickets through their website should contact  See the event listing for Intergem

Attracting Attention With Billboards!




Tens of thousands of commuters saw this billboard every day on their way to work in the San Mateo area. Denver Merchandise Mart Digital Billboard

New York



This Billboard along with five others directed the public in an upscale New York shopping area to our White Plains show. I-95 North East of the Chase Center in Wilmington, DE


We thank you for your continued support of the InterGem shows and wish you major success in the future!

We appreciate your business,

The Intergem Team

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