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Gemstones - The Colors Of Nature

We are surrounded by the beautiful colors of nature all year round.  Right now the beautiful deep oranges and reds - ruby and orange sapphire - are prevolent on the hillsides.   Then the leaves will eventually fall to the ground and turn many shades of brown - the color of chocolate diamonds and amber.  As winter hits harder, the only green left will be on the evergreen trees remninding us of luxurious green emeralds.  The winter sky at dusk is a deep, dark sapphire blue with those sparkling white diamond stars in the sky.


Everything Old Is New Again!

In the age of going green, Estate and Antique jewelry is more popular now than ever before.  Why buy a brand new ring that may be the exact same ring as your co-worker when you can own a one-of-a-kind piece that truly represents your sparkling personality?  Several companies that sell Antique and Estate Jewelry are represented at the International Gem & Jewelry Shows.

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